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Are you or your loved ones suffering with health problems?

Quantum shifts happen

Any time we peel off layers of perceptions
which when piled on top of each other
act as blocks to our true nature expressing…
we experience a return to health…
the potential of which is there all along.
Dis-ease then, is a cry for help
is anyone listening?

~ MJ Ward

Have you been diagnosed with an illness or disease and told you’ll have to learn to live with your symptoms?  Do you have a baby or child who has been sickly?  Are you under a lot of stress?  Do you constantly feel tension in your body?  Do you have trouble sleeping and lie awake in anxious thought or worry?  Do you feel uptight – wired? 

Are you looking for non-medicating ways to deal with the stresses of life and symptoms of dis-ease (lack of ease)?  Have you been healthy most of your life and ‘suddenly’ took a turn for the worse (even if the health change was years ago)?  Are you feeling drained and tired?  Have you tried traditional &/or alternative methods with little to no results? 

Every person is created to operate at 100%.  If some days we are operating well, and some days we don’t function as optimally, then we know we are at least capable of ‘good’ days.  How do we have more optimal days and less of the ‘sick’ days? 

If your life or that of a loved one has been going downhill because of health problems, you may benefit from learning about and experiencing Energy Healing.  All it takes is a desire to heal, knowing the inner potential to heal is still there, and an open mind.

It is possible to gain a deeper insight into the depth of healing we can all achieve. Intuitive Energy Healing practitioner Dr. Mary Jane Ward (chiropractor) will help you experience shifts in tension and reductions of stresses with techniques she utilizes that harmonize communication between and within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being. Discover the relaxation and healing this synchronization brings and the positive effects Energy Healing can have on your over all health.

Read on to find out how you and your loved ones can increase the quality of your life experience with the aid of Energy Healing sessions.